My name is Ron, I was born in 1994 in Jerusalem Israel. When I was 12 years old I’v got my first guitar – simple classic one. After two lessons with a friend of the family I started to make my way, slowly and constantly into the world of music and instruments.

I played in a local funk rock band when I was 16, but quite after a year in order to invest more time in high school matriculation exams.  
In my military service (it’s mandatory in Israel) I found myself spending long hours on an half broken acoustic guitar, composing songs and melodies.

After my military service I visited New Zealand and revealed a new side of music – making people happy. All these years, I was playing  to myself, even in the band I was never thinking about the audience. In the visit in New Zealand I met people that music for them is somthing else.

My trip to China and Vietnam only made that point even stronger and then I decided to go back to Israel and start to do street performances. After one show on the street I never went back. I was a physics student and didn’t really had much time to invest in music.

Fast Forward
In the beginning of 2018 I decided to go back to China in order to learn Chinese and live the real life, investing in the things that really makes me and other people happy. 
There’s many musicians out there – some are successful some are less. I decided to create this site as a donation, my donation to this wonderful world of music. 

I was Ron Golan, you were you. Hope you’ll enjoy your visit.

Ron Golan


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