Best Acoustic Guitar Capo Ideas – Gifts For Guitar Players

9 Great Ideas Of Capos for Acoustic Guitars – Upgrade your skills

Whether you are a novice guitar player that knows what he needs or just someone who’s looking to buy a gift to his guitarist friend, you’re in the right place.

Capo is a small guitar’s device which help us to control the initial pitch of the scales we’re playing. What does it means?
– We can use the Capo in order to play the originall song along with the band.
– We can change the song’s pitch in order to adjust it to our singing abilities. 
– We can apply the Capo only on only few strings to achieve the effect of playing on different Octaves.

In other words – Guitar capo is must for both beginners and novice guitar players. It helps us manipulate the tones which we are playing and increases our range of options.

In this article I have collected for you few interesting Acoustic guitar capos. Let’s start!

Acoustic guitar capo Ideas

TOQIBO Guitar Capo  

I have decided to start the list with the TOQIBO because this is the most basis kit, and basically that’s all you need. If you’re just looking for a functioning Capo that can be used also for your electric guitar, Ukulele, Bass and Banjo, you can stop the searching right now. 
The TOQIBO includes also 6 picks in different colors, and you can use the edge of the capo to remove the strings pins when replacing the strings.

Acoustic guitar capo

You can disengage the strings pins with the Capo

Guitar clamp

So it might looks perfect and affordable but there must be somthing out there which is more interesting. What do you say about a wooden capo?

WINGO wooden guitar capo

The Wingo guitar capo has a nice wooden finish, but in every other parameter it’s pretty similar to the previous capo. The capo can be applied on acoustic, electric, bass and Ukulele, and 5 medium-size picks are included. 
The capo comes in 3 different wood styles and colors to your choise. 

wooden acoustic guitar capo

Ammoon TCapo20 multifunctional

Get 2 for 1. The next capo has a tuner built-in. Amazing. Tuners are really important device for any guitar players, and if you have the chance to get those two (capo and a tuner) in one device – you definitely won the game.

The tuner supports guitar, bass and chromatic tuning. The LCD screen is super convenient to use, even more than many regular tuners out there. When not using the capo, you can place the tuner on the headstock and still use it.

This capo is super affordable, and it comes in three different design styles, and all of them are super nice and pleasent.

guitar capo tuner

3 Tips For A New Capo User:
1. Never slide
the capo on the neck while it’s tight on it. This in not very healthy to your guitar.
2. In order to get the cleaniest sound, place the capo at the end of the fretboard just before the next fret.
3. When not using the capo, place it on the guitar’s head for easy reaching.

Mugig Guitar Capo Demon Style

This design probably won’t suit any guitarist, but if you have a meatlhead friend then this one might be the ultimate capo.
The capo designed like a dead hand-finger, and by spinning the skull on the top, you can control the tone (At least that’s what the manufacturer claimes). Anyways, the capo is cool enough even without any additional function. By the way, you can easily apply it on your bass, you electric or whatever.

acoustic guitar capo

Handmade Bamboo capo


This handmade bamboo capo is made of wood and has a simple and adorable design. That’s can be actually a perfect gift for someone who appericiate uniqeness, authenticity, and handmade products.
The design of the bamboo will perfectly fit an acoustic guitar, ukulele and a banjo.

handmade guitar capo

Shark guitar capo

The shark guitar capo comes in 5 different colors and has a very interesting look. However to my opinion, it’s just too big and clumsy. If you’re up to compromise on ease-of-use, then this capo has a very intersting and uniqe look. It’s also made out of high-quality materials which makes it to be a very durable and professional product.

acoustic guitar capo

Aligater guitar capo

Another animal capo to the list. Unlike the Shatk guitar capo, the Aligater capo has a typical stracture and thus it’s very convenient and easy to use. The capo only comes in one color (Bronze) and can be a great gift for epicure people.


acoustic guitar capo

Another two types of capo:
In this article so far we’ve only talked about spring capos, which to my opinion are the most convenient because they dosen’t requier any initial adjustment. However, there are two more common types of capo you should know:
1. Tension capo

The advantage of the tension capo is the ability to adjust it perfectly to kind and size of neck. The problem with this one is that you’ll have to spend time and mess with it when taking it off.

3. elastic band capo

Don’t ask me why people using this capo. It’s has some advantages, but in general it’s very clumsy and uneasy to use.


UGY acoustic guitar capo

For the one’s among you who feels overwhelmed and just looking for a high quality, easy to use and durable regular capo – meet the UGY guitar capo. Not much to say, just an affordable product that doe’s the job perfectly.


acoustic guitar capo

Mugig Guitar Accessories Kit 

For the one’s among you that actually want to expliot this purchase and get equipped well – this kit might interest you.
What inside?
– 1 high quality spring guitar capo
– 12 picks in different thickness (with a case)
– 6 strings
– 1 tuner
– 1 strap



Learn How to use a capo

Thank you so much, hope you find this article helpful!
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