Acoustic Guitar Starter Packs For Beginners

5 acoustic guitar starter packs for new guitar players

Learning how to play guitar can be very enjoyable and frustrating at the same time. The following acoustic guitar starter packs are fully dedicated for beginners, in order to prevent difficulties on the way to become a guitarist.

All the guitar starter kits are packed with different accessories – some are essential, and some are not, but very helpful. Before we’re diving into the article and reviewing the different kits, let’s understand what we’re looking for when buying a guitar kit for beginners:

A tuner is an important accessory especially for beginners. There are many different ways to tune your guitar, but a clip on tuner is probably the most convenient for starters. 
Picks of different sizes. Different sizes picks giving us different sounds and being used for different purposes. The sooner you become aware to those differences the better.
Extra strings – Guitar string are not immortal, and can break from time to time. Having extra string in reaching distance is important.
Gig bag – The only way to maintain your first guitar.
A Guitar! Yeah. A guitar kit should contain a decent guitar as well.


The Fender dreadnought acoustic guitar is a simple guitar starter kit. It contains all the essential accessories that we’ve discussed before, and more.
Fender is probably the biggest guitars manufacturer in the world, famous mainly for the legendary Stratocaster and the Telescaster, which are both two of the most common electric guitars models in the history. But Fender is also known for making a decent acoustic guitars.
By getting the next kit you will get a strap, 3 picks, extra strings, PC software, gig bag and a clip-on tuner.


acoustic guitar starter kit

Guitar For Dummies
Acoustic Guitar Starter Pack

If you have’nt heard about “For Dummies” series so far,  now you got the right opportunity. From Earth science, to psychology and guitar playing, these “for dummies” books and toturials covers pretty much anything. 
The guitar for dummies starter pack is another all-in-one kit that will provide you an acoustic guitar with a gig bag, picks, tuner, toturial book and a CD.
By adding few more dollars to the purchase you’ll be able to put your hands also on a 6 months digital guitar lessons by Fender. A great guitar starter kit!

acoustic guitar starter pack

There are 3 features that makes this guitar starter kit worthy. First of all – the included gig bag is made of higher quality in compare to other acoustic guitar starter packs among this category. The guitar shape also allows to reach the highest frets, altough beginners usually play on the few first frets. The third advantage is the price tag, which makes that kit an affordable option to start playing guitar with a decent starters pack.

acoustic guitar starter packs

This kit is almost similar to the #1 Fender guitar starter kit that we’ve reviewed before. The only difference between the kit is the included gig bag. By adding few dollars you can upgrade your gig bag to an hard case that will ensure your guitar safety.
Apart of that small difference, the rest is pretty much the same. Same guitar (FA-100 Dreadnought) and same included items.

acoustic guitar starter packs for beginners

The “Best choice” guitar starter kit is the cheapest product on this list. On one hand, the price is of course very attractive but on the other hand it’s raising many questions, so let’s try to understand what we’re dealing with.
On first look we might get a wrong impression that it’s a classic guitar with nylon strings. The truth is, at least as far as the producers claims, that’s an acoustic guitar kit. The guitar itself is small in compare to other guitars we’ve seen before. With 38 inches from buttom to top, this guitar is significantly small.
The kit comes with few common accessories including extra strings, gig bag, tuner, strap, and also a pitch pipe. The guitar is available in 6 different colors.
For the price? great product.

acoustic guitar starter kit

The biggest advantage that comes with the Donner guitar starter kit, is that the guitar is “half” electric. That means we can plug the guitar to a big amplifier, training amplifier , different effects pedals and more.
We can also control the guitar’s sounds straitly from the guitar by playing with the Bass, Middle and treble control buttons. There’s also a built-in tuner in the guitar itslef, for whom wondering why tuner in not included in the kit.
Apart of that, by purchasing the Donner’s kit, you’ll get also a set of picks, extra strings, a strap and a capo. Great deal!

acoustic guitar starter pack for beginners

Time to get into the business!

Your new guitar is already tuned and ready to Rock. The next essential step is to start learning how to make music with that wonderful instrument. The next YouTube series contains few great videos for beginners who’s looking to make they’re first steps.

In conclusion

A decent acoustic guitar starter kit is the best way yo make your few first steps into the amazing world of guitar. In this article I tried to cover the best options of acoustic guitar starter packs for beginners. Some of the guitars are full-size, some are smaller, some are branded and some are not, but all of the kits sharing almost the same included items.
And remember – in the end, it’s all about the player.

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