Chorus Guitar Pedal – Best Pedals For Less Than 100$

Boss super chorus guitar pedal

Find here the best Chorus guitar pedal for less than 100$

The chorus is probably the most addictive guitar effect. Every guitar player can attest that once you get used to play with chorus guitar pedal, you never go back.
The chorus effect, makes your guitar sound more deep, by creating the illusion that you play the same notes along with other instruments. That’s also why the effect is called “chorus”.
The result is a deep sound with a perception of water or liquid. Your playing will become more fluent and your sound will become more mature and professional. 

Many amplifiers nowdays has a built-in chorus effect button, however, the easiest and most convenient way to use this effect is by using a pedal.
The pedal will give you the ability to control the effect’s sound to the smallest level, and to control it’s status of action by using one single foot button.

In this article I’m going to go through the best chorus guitar pedals.
I’v done my best to cover the best products while keeping the cost under 100$ and even less. Enjoy! 

The wet dreams is a relatively new chorus guitar pedal in the market. The wet dreams is a small, compact, easy to use, addorable and incredibly affordable pedal.
The control buttons are including depth, speed and level, for maximal sound control, yet minimal headache and confusion.

Watch the attached YouTube demo video for a better understanding of the pedal, the control buttons and what does the chorus effect means, in case you are not familiar with it.

A list about guitar pedals of any kind, can not be complete without mentioning the Boss’s pedal. In this case we’re talking about the “CH-1 stereo super chorus”.

The first thing we can say about this pedal (which is true for any Boss pedal) is that it’s also the most durable pedal, taking is consideration that we use the switch button with our foot.
This pedal (unlike many other’s which have a small button) has a rough starcture that makes it less fragile.

Another important feature about the super chorus guitar pedal, is the vast sound control ability. With four buttons which includes also an EQ control, we get the most detalied control pannel among chorus pedal within this prices range.
Check out the demo.

As always, Donner bringing us a small, lightweight pedal with easy sound control.
The Tutti love is the smallest Chorus guitar pedal I managed to find in my searching after pedals to add to this list.
Due to it’s small dimensions, it’s perfect for a pedal board, for traveling, and for street performing.

You can control the sound by using 3 buttons, and switch between “on” and “off” states by using a relatively big true bypass button, which, to be honest in my opinion has a bit too loud click sound.

Anyways, the Donner tutti love is also one of the most affordable chorus pedal out there. 

On a first glimpse this pedal looks different. It has a plastic cover, it’s design is not as common among other brands, and the buttons looks weird. Add to that the fact that the pedal is extreamly cheap. I’m not allowd to quote prices so check the product’s page if you don’t belive me. 
These two facts might raise suspicions to some people. 

And still, inspite of that, this is one of the most popular and beloved guitar chorus pedals out there. Many people even prefer it on the famous Boss pedal, which is more than 5 times more expensive. 

If you still hesitate, check out the demo YouTube, read the comment, and make your own decision

I guess now it’s time for my personnaly favorite, the Ultra Chorus UC200. Why is this chorus guitar pedal is my favorite? well, here are few of the reasons:
– A big and solid foot pedal that makes this product a much more durable pedal than others. 
– Quiet click – makes it perfect for small gigs or recording. 
– Vast sound shaping ability, yet very simple and intuitive. 
– Funny price.


Just take a look at the demo. The sound control is amazingly dynamic almost like a multi effect.

The best thing about the Behringer Ultra Chorus is that if we compare it to the Boss Super Chorus (For example) we find that they are pretty similar in almost any measure. From the design, to the performances, there is not a big difference between the two. Behringer also claims that this product was initaly created in order to compete leading products. The only difference is in the price. The Behringer is four times cheaper than the Boss Super Chorus.

In conclusion

 The chorus effect is one of the most common and important guitar effects of all time. The best way to use it, with maximum sound control and ease of use is using a pedal. While some of the pedals are quite expensive, others are fairly cheap and still providing a great quality sound.
In this article we went through the 5 most popular and affordable chorus guitar pedals. The differences exists, so I added a YouTube demo video to each product so you can compare the sound quality by yourself and make your decision.

Hope you enjoyed this article, please leave a comment and share!

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