Best Clip On Guitar Tuner – And 6 Ways To Tune Your Guitar

clip on guitar tuner

Clip on guitar tuner, acoustic guitar tuner, online guitar tuners and APPs – The need for tunning.

Some beginner guitarists thinks that a tuner is essential only when your’e new to the guitar. That’s simply not true. After 10 years of playing guitar I still have some difficulties with accurate tunning.

Don’t get me wrong – there are some skilled musicians out there who can actually tune only by hearing. Unfortunately, most of us can’t do it, and this is where the tuner devices comes into play.

In the next article I’m going to go through the most convenient, fast efficient and affordable ways to tune your guitar. Let’s start!


I decided to open the list with the clip on guitar tuner because it’s the best tunning solution. Both for beginners and novice guitarists. But let’s first understand what we’re talking about.
A Clip On Guitar Tuner is a small device you attach to your guitar’s headneck with a clip (Now the name makes sence). It’s so small you can easily carry it in your pocket, however, many guitarist just leave it on the headneck.
The KLIQ UberTuner supports also Ukulele, bass, violin and chromatic tunning (essential for alternative tunning options and instruments) . It works on batteries that last pretty much forever (never heard about someone who had to change the battery). 
This device is super easy to use, the screen brightness is surprisingly good, and if it’s not enough – a 3 years warranty is included by the maufacturer.

clip on guitar tuner

More clip on guitar tuner options:

The Snark guitar tuner is a popular product as it comes in 6 different models and designs to your choice. The tuner fits also bass and violin.

Clip on guitar tuner

The Aroma clip on guitar tuner is an Easy to use device that supports chromatic tunning. 4 picks are included.

The NS micro clip on tuner is known for it’s super accurate chromatic tunning, as well as, built-in visual metronome fearture.

This awesome device is actually a capo with a built-in tuner. A capo is a guitar’s device that helps us change the initial pitch of the music we are playing. It’s a compulsory tool for any guitar player.
(You can read more about capo’s In this article)
The biggest advantage of the TCapo20 is that it’s merging two essential devices – and it doe’s the job well. 
The TCapo20 supports chromatic tunning, and comes in 3 different decoration styles for your choice.

guitar capo tuner

The KLIQ MetroPitch is suitable for the one’s who ready to compromise on convenient, and get a lot more. A standart guitar tuner hence, s very common among professional musicians.
You can’t attach it to your guitar’s headneck, but you can do much more with it:
1. Chromtic tunning for all kinds of instruments.
2. Tone generator – professional musicians use it to tune instruments, run tests, and alzheimer’s patients use it to reduce the disease symptomes.
3. Built-in metronome
4. Input for instruments – allows you to tune on silence mode, by pluging your instrument.
The product comes with a small carrying bag and 3 different colors to your choice.

KLIQ metropitch

More guitar tuners options

Korg TM60BK  included a metronome mode that contains 15 rhythm styles. The product comes in 5 different colors.

best guitar tuner

The color display of the GUITARX X7 makes it uniqe among othere tuners. Tone generatore and metronome are included as well.


Online guitar tuners

There’s only one website that I feel comfortable to recommend. Fender’s website offers a nice tuner for electric guitar, acoustic guitar and bass guitar. Stardart tunning is the default, but you can  easily choose out of more than 10 alternative tunning options. You just click on the selected string and try to get your guitar to sound the same by mimicing the pitch. In other words, it’s not completely automatic, and a good hearing is needed. 
You can find a link to the website here.


Guitar tuner App

I could have made a nice list of few useful tuner Apps, but it’s completely pointless as there’s one App which is just perfect.
Im talking about  the free App GuitarTuna, and what you can do with this App is limitless.
Let’s start with the tuner – set it on Auto mode, and basically it will detect which string you playing, just like a professional tuner. You can either choose which string you want to tune. The tuner supports more than 15 different guitar tunes, and a long list of different instruments – Ukulele, bass, violin, folk instruments and more. 
Apart of the perfect tuner you will find a metronome, a chord library, and plenty of games to improve your playing skills.
I use this App for more than a year and everyday it proves again how useful it is.
You can find a download link here. (For Android)


How to tune your guitar by hearing.

The best way to tune your guitar is by hearing, if you know how to do that. When your’e familiar enough with the guitar that’s pretty easy – you can for example, play a chord that you know exactly how it should sounds like, and then start to tune the strings till you get the wanted sound.
For beginners who feels they are not familiar enough with the chords, there’s a simple method based on the fact that the fifth fret of each string should sounds like the next string when it’s open.
You can learn how to accomplish an Auto tunning in this video:

In conclusion

The best guitar tuner maybe does’nt exists, but each of the guitar tuners we have seen so far has it own advantages. For example, a clip on guitar tuner maybe dosen’t have a chords library, but it doesn’t depends on your phone battery. 

Thank you so much for reading this article, hope you found it helpful – please leave a comment below!

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