Guitar Carpets – Guitar Area rugs selection, gifts for guitar lovers

The largest guitar carpets selection - A prefect gift for guitar lovers

A big carpet is the ultimate way to bring life to any room. While wall decoration is very common, we often leave the floor empty and naked, regardless the fact that the floor takes the largets area in any room. A guitar carpets (guitar’s design) is a creative way to bring music and room decoration together. In the next article we’ll see some of the best guitar carpets.

Most popular guitar carpets

Lorvies guitar carpet – an adorable grey carpet with black frame. The decoration Idea is based on an electric guitar with watercolor modern design. The carpet comes in two different sizes:
31 X 20 inches
60 X 39 inches


guitar carpets

Lovies electric guitar carpet – The next guitar carpet has a black background with some white colored stains nearby it’s frame ( which is black). In the middle of the carpet there’s a white electric gutiar with the words “Rock and roll”. The carpet comes in two different sizes:
36 X 24 inches
72 X 48 inches

guitar carpet

Gogogosky guitar carpet – The next carpet has a very special and interesting decoration. With a  black background, and only the outlines of an acoustic guitar, this carpet gives a feeling of a flame.
Please be aware to the fact that this carpet dosen’t have the common texture of a living room area rug.

kids Bedroom guitar carpets

Another lovely Lorvies guitar carpet – Not sure which guitar you prefer? No problem, pick the one you like from this multi guitars design carpet. Nice carpet, fits perfectly the kids bedroom.
31 X 20 inches
60 X 39 inches


guitar carpets

Naale music area rug – Realistic burning guitar painting. It might not fit a living room, but it’s an perfect decoration for a teenager room. 
The carpet comes in 5 different sizes, as detailed in the Iink below.

guitar area rug

Love nature guitar area rug – Realistic painting (similar to the Naale rug). Perfect for a teenagers/girls bedroom.
The carpet comes in 5 different sizes as well. Check the link for farther information. 

guitar carpets

Alternative guitar carpets

Alaza abstract watercolor guitar area rug – Alternative guitar’s carpet design, comes it two different sizes:
7′ – 5′ and 5’3 – 4′

guitar carpet

With an ocher color dominating, the Music roon band is a very unique product whitin this category. 
Perfect for any kind of space, from the livig room, through the kitchen and to the bedroom.
Comes in two different sizes:

guitar carpets

The Fender stratocaster is one of the most popular guitar models in the history. The Love nature guitar carpet is fully dedicated for Fender startocaster addicted guitar players. Comes in 5 different sizes. Check the link below.

guitar area rugs

Entrance guitar carpet

The next carpet can function as an carpet for entrance way to the living room, the kitchen or even the bathroom. With special design of fire and water duality this is one of my favorites.
31 X 20 inches
60 x 39 inches

entracne guitar carpet

This entrance guitar carpet has an addorable painting of 4 acoustic guitar. It will fit perefectly in the bathroom, kitchen, living room and any other place you can imagine.
Size – 
15.7 x 23.6”

The next entrance way guitar carpet is without a doubt my favorite. It’s design, which based on a Fender stratocaster guitar, is so simple yet so cool. Same like the others, this carpet will do well in any of your house entrances.

acoustic guitar

The next product is not a carpet, it’s actually an set which contains 5 pieces for the bathroom. It’s adorable and cool, and since it also contains 2 carpets I decided to include it in the list. The pieces in the set are all has a white backgroud with repetitive design of colorful guitars.

guitar carpets

And of course we can’t finish the article without a bonus video. So check out Steppenwolf with the song “Magic carpet ride” back from the 60’s.


Guitar carpets can be found in many styles and shapes. In this article we went through the most popular products on the interent. Between the different carpets you can find guitar area rugs, guitar carpets for kids bedrooms, and entrance way guitar carpets. I hope you find this article helpful, and if so, please don’t forget to share!

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