Guitar Coffee Mugs – Gifts For Guitar Players

Guitar coffee mugs for guitar lovers to start the day with 

It’s a perfect present for a guitar player or a guitar lovers, and the best way to srart the day. We’re all drinking coffee or another hot drink. We all also have the habbit of staring at our cereal box while having breakfast, but no more! why doing that when we can stare at a cool decorated coffee mug instead? For this reason I made the next list with the coolest and most addorable guitar coffee mugs I could find our there. Let’s start!

LanHong Guitar coffee mugs

The special ceramic guitar cups became so popular thanks to they’re addorable decoration. The mug itself is white and simple, with some musical notes designing. The interesting part of this line is the handle that shaped as a guitar. There’s are few different designs – Acoustic guitars and electric guitars. Just pick your favorite!

Guitar chords mugs

Guitar chords cups are a great way to drink the morning coffee, especially for beginners. The chords are detailed and followed by general instructions on how to use the table. 

Personally, my favorite Guitar chords mug is the Culturenik mug. It’s a very nice looking and colourful mug. The chords tables are colored as well, what makes it much easier to understand. Apart of that, there’s a “Introduction” for chords reading, what makes this mug to be a perfect chords table.

guitar coffee mug

the MandolinCafe guitar chords mug is an addorable option as well. The design of the mug is less complex and the tables are relatively big. 

Guitar coffee mugs

The CafePress guitar chords mug also has a simple design. The cup comes in two different colors – black and white to your choice.

Guitar chords mug

Guitar Tarvel Mug

Travel mug are a great invention. They allow us to maintain the temperature of our drinks for a long time. But it becomes really perfect when you have a guitar on it. I picked for you few of the most addorable guitar travel mugs that I have found on the internet. Let’s see what we’ve got here.

The most interesting guitar travel mug in my opinion, is this self-customized Travel mug. You can type anything you want – if to be accurate, up to 20 characters, just below the nice guitar symbol. You can type a name or a short sentence and give it to someone as a gift. Just click the “customize now” button and start the fun!

Guitar travel mug

The Mugzie Guitar Travel mugs maybe don’t have a self-customize option, but the nice guitars decoration is good enough to bring a smile to any guitar player’s face.

Guitar AMP mug

Amp coffee mug are the most bizzar mugs on this list. There’s not much to explain – a coffee mug that looks like an amplifier, detailed as possible. great product!

Funny Guitar coffee mugs

So many things has been said about guitar players. These next guitar cups displays it very well:
1. We are never having enough guitars. We always wants more, and we will keep visit the Guitar shop even though we can only afford a pick. If that sounds familiar, check out the next cup:


Guitar cup

2. Sometimes it seems like the only thing we care about is guitar. Of course, we’re still humans and we need to provide our essential needs like eating and sleeping. And coffee of course. If you agree, check out the next guitar mug:

guitar mug

3. People usually having hard time understanding us. The next guitar cup will help those guys know us better. Basically, we are nothing but a mix of passion, talent and – yeah. Coffee.

4. Daily signs gets new meanings. 

guitar cup

5. True story. We don’t have any thoughts. Just notes and scales.

guitar mug

Cool guitar coffee mugs

Guitar coffee mug for couples – A perfect gift for your partner

Elvis Presley guitar mug – The king of the Rock ‘n roll

Elvis presley guitar mug

Famous guitars of famous guitar players – From Eddie Van Halen to Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix

Guitar cup

Of course riffs are always welcome.

With a nice simple and modern design, this cup is one of my favorites. 

Guitar mug

If you want to surprise your friends, just give him this black simple cup. As soon as they will pour some hot water into the cup, a picture of a guitar on fire will appear. Yeah, sounds strange but it’s actually works!

guitar on fire cup

In case you have not found your guitar coffee mug you might find satisfaction with this video – 3 hours of acoustic guitar to wake up with in the morning without a coffee. With more than 10M views this video might do the job that a guitar cup wouldn’t. 

In conclusion

We have seen a wide range of different styles of guitar coffee cup. A guitar travel mugs, chords cups, and more cool stuff. This is your opportunity to make your guitar player friend/partner/mother happy with a coffee cup for guitar lovers.

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