Best Guitar Headphone Amplifiers under 50$ – Practice Anywhere, Anytime

The cheapest and best guitar headphone amplifiers for practicing anywhere, anytime.

One of the biggest problems about playing an electric guitar is that without no amplifier, we can’t do much. We face that problem when we need to practice quietly, or when we’re on the go and need to find a solution instead of carrying a huge amp with us.

The guitar heaphone amplifiers are one of my favorite gadgets in the guitar world. It’s a small device which we plug into our guitar, and plug headphones into it. The result is that we can practice with almost any sound we wish to, anywhere, anytime.

When we finish playing, the headphone amp can be stored in our pocket/gig bag/ or any other tiny space we can think about.

Guitar headphone amp price

Like everything in this world, you can find a guitar headphone AMP for almost any price. However, in the next article i’m about to review only guitar headphone amplifiers under 50$.
I presonally use the VOX amPlug, and I can tell you – it’s sounds amazing. Before I got it I was ready to compromise on sound only because I needed something portable enough to take with me while I’m traveling. Fortunately, the AMP was far better than what I could imagine.


best guitar headphone amplifiers

The Vox amplug 2  (or just Vox amplug ) is the most popular guitar headphone amplifier. Actually it’s so popular, so the word “amPlug” is almost replacing the word “headphone amp”.

Vox, a famous amplifier brand for years has created the Vox amplug as the perfect device to practice guitar. The amp itself contains a headphones output and a AUX plug, so you can also play with a backing track from your cell-phone or your computer.
The Vox am Plug uses 2 AAA batteries which provides about 15-20 playing hours.
The Vox headphone AMP comes in 7 different styles. All the different styles shares the same control buttons – Volume, tone (control bass, middle and treble), and gain button: 

Vox amPlug AC30 – The flagship product of amPlug line. Clean sound + nice drive when gain’s button is turning on.

best guitar headphone amplifiers

Vox amPlug metal – I’m using this amPlug. Amazing distortion, great tone control. Wish to play clean? look for another amPlug

Vox amplug metal

Vox amPlug blues – nice bluesy sound. Great gift for yout guitar player grandfather.

vox headphone amp

Vox amPlug classic Rock – nice vintage clean sound with some serious over drive by choice.

vox amplug 2 classic rock

Vox amPlug clean  – if you are not interested in any distortion sound (which is weird)

vox am plug

Vox amPlug lead – well, I think I don’t have to explain.

vox amplug 2

While the Vox amPlug seems to be perfect, the Sonicake shows to us that there’s always place to improve. The Sonicake headphone AMPs are all able to reach high gain, and all share the same control button – volume, gain, tone and – FX. 
The sound styles of the Sonicakes are diveres and interesting. with AMPs like the Sonicake brit drive for a crunchy sound, the US classic for a classic blues overdrive, and the Dutch gain, the Sonicake amplifiers giving us a wide choice to match our AMP to our style.
One of the main advantages of the Sonicake amps is the USB charger that allows us to chrage the headphone amp anywhere with no need for batteries.

Sonicake birt drive – iconic british crunch

Guitar headphone amplifier

Sonicake Dutch gain – Classical german amplifier

Sonickae headphone amp

Sonicake US classic – tweed sound for blues and rock


With Donner company we’re already familiar thanks to the great loop pedals they manufacture, and now it’s time to get to know also the Donner headphone amps.
In general, it’s very clear that they got inspired by the Sonicake headphone guitar amps. The design is almost the same, the control buttons are completely similar and FX button and USB output are both existing in the two.
The difference is in the sound styles that Donner is offering. With models like Plexi tone, classic OD and basement, Donner made these headphone amps to become uniqe and interesting.

Donner guitar headphone amp

The next brand, Traveler Guitar, has also came out with a line of guitar headphone amplifiers in order to create the unltimate guitar headphone amp for travelers.
The traveler guitar series includes few guitar headphone amp of different style. Honestly – for the one’s that looking for overdrive, or nice effects, I would recommend to stick with other brands like Vox or Sonicake. 
Traveler guitar offers two styles of mini amps – acoustic and electric. 

In conclusion

The guitar headphone amplifiers are a great invention. They will allow you to play and practice wherever you want, whenever you need, without making noise or carry a huge amplifier.
These advantages, and the affordable price, are both making the headphone amps to be a perfect gift for guitar players, and especially for beginners.

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