Addorable Guitar Keychain Ideas – Gifts For Guitar Players

Looking for a nice and cheap gift for a guitar player or a music lover? Check out these wonderful Guitar keychains

Guitar keychain can be a great present for guitar players – It’s small, lightweight, useful and will make your guitar player remamber you everytime he use the key, which is basically always. 
There’s so many different types of guitar players and so, different styles of guitar keychains. Some are designed as an electric guitars, some as an acoustic. Some are generic and some are branded. I have made a list  that contains every style of keychain, to make sure you’ll find exactly what you want.

Electric Guitar Keychains

Wang Zhai Guitar Keychain is a very simpe Electric guitar Keychian. The design might resemble the famous guitars brand “Fender”. The Keychain comes in many different colors. 

Guitar Keychain

The Kikkerland Guitar keychain may look like a simple electric guitar keychian with smooth modern decoration. However, by pressing the small button on the guitar’s body you’ll turn on a small LED flashlight.

Gifts for Guitar lovers

The CHUYI is a nice guitar keychain, that actually contains a flash drive with USB plug option. The memory capicity ranges from 8GB to 64GB. The item is claimed to be waterproof and it comes in two colors – red and black.

Guitar Keyring

The rock star rubber Keychains has a funky and funny style. They don’t have any additional use, but the special design, the spring strap can make it a good present even for children. 

The Jzcky Shzrp guitar keychains has a fancy decoration, with gold color and crystal stones inlaid on it. To be honest, as someone who usually likes simplicity, I find this Keychain very interesting.

Bottle opener guitar keyrings 

The Swatom guitar keychain has a simple design and a simple bottle opener function. The keychain kit contains 6 pieces in 6 different colours. 

Guitar Keyring

Edcfans guitar keychain is actually way more than just a bottle opener. It contains also two knifes and a LED flashlight. Wonderful product and a great gift!

Bottle opener Guitar keychain

Joylive’s guitar Keyring is a simple but effective guitar shaped bottle opener with a smooth decoration and simple design. 

bottle opener guitar keyring

Branded Guitar Keychains

Randy Rhoads guitar keychain is a perfect gift for metal lovers! 
The design resembels a Jackson guitar, which is so famous thanks to many Metal artists using it for many years.

metal guitar keychain

Les Paul is one of the most Iconic guitar midels in the history. With famous guitarists playing on it like Slash from guns and roses, this keychain is a perfect gift for guitar lovers and rockers!

Les paul guitar keychain

This classic Spanish guitar decoration is so nice, simple and basic. There isn’t  actually a cetain brand I can attribute it to, but it’s one of the coolest keychains on this list, for sure.

acoustic guitar keychain

Haven’t found your favorite guitar keychain yet?

This brass metal guitar keyring is really cool and suitable for epicure people. There’s a nice watch built-in the “guitar” body 

Guitar keyring

The American Idol guitar keychain is functioning also as a bottle opener. Now, don’t ask me why out of all the guitarist out there one would pick a Katy perry signature keychain, but if you haven’t found your keyring yet, maybe that’s your solution. No one’s perfect.

gifts for guitar lovers

This page is dedicated for guitar keychains, but this nice Bass keychain is really worth sharing. Also, in case your not a music expert, that’s the time to make sure your’e not buying a guitar keyring to a bass player.

The best for the end – this cool 3D acoustic guitar keychains is one of the coolest items out there. brought to us from Japan it’s made out of leather, and has a really nice and addorable stracture. A perfect present.

gifts for guitar players

Learn how to make a guitar keychain by yourself:

In conclusion

Guitar keychain is a wonderful gift for any guitar player or a guitar lover. It’s cheap, small, and follows you everywhere. 
Some of the guitars keyrings are simple, and some, as you have seen, can function as a LED,  bottle opener and even  a watch. 

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