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Guitar lamps collection - Illuminate your room with your favorite instrument.

Light is an important ingredient when designing your space. It will affect the room’s feeling and atmosphere almost no matter which other furnitures you are going to place in the room, and a guitar lamp is a good way to do it well.

A guitar lamp can be a special gift for guitar player. Apart of functioning as a lamp, it can function as a piece of art, and be an integral part of a guitar/ music lover room decoration.

In this article I collected some of the most interesting guitar lamps I could think about. So let’s start.

First thing first. The 3D light night is a beautiful and facsinating 3D LED lamp, and one of the most popular guitar decoration accessories on Amazon. This gorgeous lamp works one batteris/ any other power source with USB connection. The LED can survive up to 10,000 hours, or in other words, you probably won’t have to switch it during the near future.
By clicking a small button, pick one out of 7 possible light colors including red, yellow, pink, bule, green, etc. One of the perfect gifts for guitar lovers at any age.

One more LED guitar lamp, and this time by Circle Circle, however, this lamp is designed as an electric guitar.
Apart of that difference, the other features are pretty much the same. The lamp includes 7 difference colors, changing by pressing a button. The lamp is working on batteris, or on a fixed power source with a USB plug, up to your choice. Please make sure to buy through this specific link, because many fake products are out there.

The Creative motion guitar lamp is a small and simple lamp. Here you won’t find any sparkling LEDs or any other cool functions, but many people still love it.

The lamps “body” has a guitar shape (Fender stratocaster to be precise), and the upper part of the lamp has a nice musicial design. The two part together makes it become the ultimate guitar desk lamp.

This guitar lamp is really outstanding in many parameters. First, unlike all the previous guitar lamps, here we’re talking about a wall lamp, and not a desk lamp. Secondly, this lamp has a built-in clock, which is also a nice addintional feature.
The third special feature about this lamp is a remote control with 16 buttons to control the color of the LED lights. The clock is quite thanks to a non-ticking technology, what makes it perefect for an office, bedroom, or any other living space. 

The next guitar lamp belongs to a series of different musical instruments. The main feature is a wood frame which support the guitar lamp starcture. The decoration is soft and gentel, the lamp is small and light-weight, what makes it perfect for a small desk in the office or the bedroom. The lamp also comes with an USB power plug.

The next guitar lamp is my personal favorite LED lamp. The design Idea is a glowing net of a Gibson Les Paul guitar. This guitar is one of the most popular model, being played by many famous guitarists for decades. The lamp has 7 different colors, and two colors mode to choose between – a one fixed color mode and a automaticly colors changing mode. 
The LED life is extreamly long, what makes it to be a great present for kids and adults, for the  office as well as for the bedroom.

The Urwise Guitar lamp is perfect for kids. It’s small, wooden, has a lovely and simple design, and affordable. The 3D LED lamp might be too small to light your entire room, but it’s pefrect to light a small desk while doing homwork or artwork. The lamp is very easy to set up and to use (On and Off button).

How to make your own guitar lamp

As always, this is time for the YouTube video. In the next 7 minutes video you are about to learn how to make a nice lamp using a guitar, step by step. Enjoy!


In the last article we have been thourgh 7 nice, elegant, and adorable guitar lamps. Some of the lamps can actually light your whole space, and some of them are more used for decoration and design. Anyways, I hope you like the article. If you have any feedback don’t forget to leave a comment!

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