Guitar Looper Pedals – 5 Best loop stations for cheap

Affordable, easy to use and life changing – 5 of the best guitar looper pedals.

Guitar looper pedals. Every guitar player knows how life changing this small pedal is. By using only one or two small buttons you can turn yourself into a one person band, and the sky is the limit.
A looper pedal allows us to create a record with our instrument, and then play again while the record is running in the background.
That feature allows us to practice improvisation, writing original music, playing live on the street, and more.

Before we dive into the article, a small announcement to the aunt who’s looking for a gift for her young nephew – A looper pedal is an electric device. It’s suitable for electric guitar’s or acoustic/classic guitar with an amplfier plug. 

You know, just in case it wasn’t clear.
Let’s go!

Power: 9v battery/ AC adapter
weight: 1.25 pounds

The first and honorable place is taken by the RC-1 Loop station Boss which is one of the best guitar looper pedals you can find for less than 100$, and yet, is very simple to use. It’s able to accumulate 12 minutes of stereo recording while switching between the three modes (Rec/overdub/play) with a huge footswitch which is far more convenient than any other “button style” footswitchs that we usually see around. 
Moreover, the RC-1 footswitch, like others “Boss” pedals, doesn’t makes the “click” sound when pressing on it. This feature is very improtant for professional musicians who wants to avoid this unnecessary sound during a gig for example.
The ability to use batteries with this looper makes it suitable for busking and street performances, which is a huge advantage.

The company provides also 5 years warranty. In other words, those guys know they providing an high quality product that is very likely to survive many years, despite it’s light weight. The battery can survive up to 5 hours, and the products comes in two colors – red and black.


loop station boss

Watch a loop station Boss demo:

Power: 9v DC adapter
Item weight: 9.1 ounces


With a very attractive price in compare to other guitar looper pedals and simple design the Donner Looper is an great solution for those whom looking for simplicity and ease of use. It allows to record 10 minutes of looping with endless overdubs. The user can switch between 3 different modes. If you wish to use a standart loop, choose the normal mode. In order to slow down the recording you can use the 1/2 mode. The last one is reverse mode and it doe’s not allows recording, but it gives the donner looper pedal few credit points against the competitors.

The Donner looper includes also a software (Only available for windows) that allows importing and exporting music files. 


donner looper

Watch a donner looper demonstration:

Power: 9v DC 
Item weight: 13.6 ounces

The Ditto looper is pretty famous among guitar players, especially for it’s extreamly tiny dimensions. This feature makes it perfect for musicians who looking for a small looper to fit their pedalboard. 
The Ditto looper has only one mode, unlike the Donner looper that has 3. This fact might seems like a drawback, but actually it’s a huge advantage for guitar players that only looking for a looper and that’s it. No distractions, no useless functions. Again –perfect for pedalboards.

 The Ditto looper can hold 5 minutes recording time, with endless overdubs. 


ditto looper

Watch a Ditto looper demo:

Power: AC adapter/ 4 AA batteries
Weight: 13.4 ounces

The zoom G1on is actually not a looper, but I decided to add it to the list because many beginners guitar player are not aware to the fact that for the same price they can have much more than just a looper.
The zoom G1on is not a pedal for professional musicians – not as a looper and of course, not as a multi effect.
But – for it’s price, the zoom g1on is probably the the ultimate pedal for the beginner.
The zoom G1on is infact a multi effect. It contains the following features:
– Looper
– Rhythm generator
– Tuner
– 75 effects
– 14 amplfiers 
– 5 channels (You can use 5 different effects at the same time)

By investing few extra dollars you can get the zoom G1Xon, which is pretty similar to the G1on, but contains more effects. The zoom G1Xon also includes an expression pedal – which allows you to control the effect’s level/gain/volume while playing. You can also use it for special effects like wah-wah and others.


Power: power supply included, no batteries
Weight: 1.38 pounds

The Digitech looper pedal is an interesting product in this list. It offers a different kind of options and functions than the typical looper pedal that we might meet.
First, as an advantage, it shaped very similar to the RC-1, with a big footswitch button – what makes it convenient in compare to other pedal. It allows up to 35 minutes of stereo recording and save 200 internal memories. It can generate rhythm loops as well, and allows external audio improting.
But what really makes this guitar looper pedal so unique is the ability to slow down or speed up the loop without changing the pitch. Apart of being a super cool feature that helps you manipulate your recorded stuff, it can also be pretty useful.

guitar looper pedals

Watch a Digitech looper pedal demo:

How to use those guitar looper pedal?

Those loopers are designed to be convenient for live performances, hence all the critical actions of starting a record, finishing it, overdubing and deleting a record – are done with only one button. 
It might be a bit different from one looper to another, but the main principal is the same.

In conclusion

The best guitar looper pedal doesn’t exist. Each looper has different advantages – some are more suitable for beginners, some for professional, some for buskers and some for (The opposite of buskers?). 
Anyways, I hope that this article helped you to get more familiar with the different types of guitar looper pedals, and what can they offer. If you have found this article helpful please share it and leave a comment! 

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