Best Guitar Multi Effects Pedals For Beginners

5 of the best guitar multi effects pedals for beginners for less than 100$

It’s very common to get overwhelmed when making your first steps in the guitar’s world. Since equipment isn’t always that affordable, we find ourselfs spending time on asking questions like “Which pedal should I need to start with?” and so on.
The only way I know to slove this overwhelming situation is to use a guitar multi effects pedals.
Of course – as musicians, we’re all dreaming of having a perfect pedalboard, designed for our dimensions, and reflecting years of progress and personal development. But that’s may take a time.

With multi effects pedal we can have all in one. One pedal, that’s all. One power source, dozens of different effects, AMPs, rhythm styles, loopers, tuners and more. 
The funny thing is that these product are usually not expensive at all, and most of the time even cheaper than a single effect pedal.


Multi Effects Pedals:

Digitech RP55 Guitar Multi effects

Weight: 1.1 pounds
Dimensions: 5.7×2.5×6.5 inches


The first multi effects pedal that I decided to open with is the Digitech RP55 – it’s small, simple to use, and offers a lot. You can use the two big buttons to move between the channels and enjoy 11 amlifiers, 20 effects, and a built-in drum muchine with 30 different rhythm styles. 
Now, some of the effects sounds avarage, some of the them sounds pretty good taking in consideration that it’s one of the cheapest pedals in the market. Anyways – this product is amazing for beginners who just want to have more fun playing guitar by playing with different effects. With the metronome and the rhythm generator you can practice on playing “on a band” and build-up your speed and technique. The lack of a looper is a bit disappointing, however, you can find here some cool loopers that you can join to the multi effects. 


VOX STOMPLABG2 multi effects pedal

Weight: 4.5 pounds
Dimensions: 9x3x7 inches


To be honest, I have never used this VOX’s multi effects, but as it holds the honorable title of “Amazon choise”, I decided to take a glimpse. This pedal offers alot.

The first thing that caught my eyes was the shape of the VOX multi effects – solid and stable. This multi effects contain also a expression pedal – a feature that gives it a much more preffesional feeling.
The designing behind the buttons looks like an attempt to achieve both simplicity and professionality – as much as possible. 

About the musical abilities – you can use up to 100 differents effects, and store about 20. You can control the gain and the level of each effect. There is no question that VOX, as a big company in the music industry, has tried to create somthing for more just than fun. This multi effects seems like very good choise for beginners who would like to take things more seriously.

Zoom G1Xon multi effects pedal

Weight: 1.41 pounds
Dimensions: 6.1×9.3×2 inches

This is not the first time that I’m reviewing the Zoom G1Xon. In a former article about the best looper pedal, I review it as a looper pedal with “value added”.
The Zoom G1Xon multi effects will allow you to use 75 effects, 14 amp models. The channels will allow you to use 5 different effects at the same time, and control the level and gain of each effect in use.
The effect also provide 68 rhythm styles, chromatic tuner and a looper.
The Zoom G1Xon can also work on batteries (4 AA) what makes it suitable for street performing, and makes performing easier in general.

The G1Xon own a little brother called the the G1on. The differences between the two are mainly the expression pedal (In the G1Xon) that allows level-control, gain control and few special effects (like wah-wah). 
However, for the slight difference in the price, I would reccomend not to compromise and go on the big brother.


Before we move on and go through the next 2 guitar multi effects pedal for beginners, let me make something clear:
The Digitech RP55, VOX, and Zoom multi effects are basically the best pedals you can find for those prices. The Digitech good for beginners who just looking for the experience of playing on different sounds and options. The VOX and the ZOOM gives you everything you’ll find in a professional multi effects pedal/pedalboard. 
As long as you don’t have a good reason not to be satisfied with one of the pedals above, you shouldn’t continue reading this article.

Digitech element XP guitar multi effects pedal

Weight: 1.92 pounds
Dimensions: 6.4×11.7×2.6 inches


The Digitech element XP multi effects will allow you to use 58 effects, 200 presets, a chromatic tuner, and drum generator with 45 rhythm styles. It also has an expression pedal and power supply included.


When choosing a guitar multi effects pedals, we actually want to make sure that it’s not too thin and light-weight. This little device is about to meet our foot while we shredding.  

Donner guitar multi effect pedal

Weight:  14.1 ounces
Dimensions: 13.4×3.6×2.1 pounds


At a first look, the Donner multi guitar effect pedal seems to be thin in compare to other guitar multi effects pedals. It only has 3 effects, and no other additional function apart of that. 
At a second look we find out how great is that pedal for people whos looking excactly for what it offers – high quality effects with control buttons.
Delay, chorus and distortion are three of the most common effects if not the most. This pedal provide an easy access to all of them, making switching easy. The control buttons will allow you to change the sound to the smallest level and adjust it to your needs.

One of the important things in picking a guitar multi effects pedals, and a guitar pedal in general, is to make sure it’s anwering your needs. A 1000$ multi effects is completly useless for a new guitar player, just as making a too big compromise can be a mistake even for a beginner.

In this article I reviews only products that I personally belive in. Most of them I tried before, and if not – I make sure that the brand is trusty and the reviews are good. I also mentioned who may find each of the products as satisfactory – and who should avoid.

If you find this article helpful please share! Also feel free to comment!


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