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Guitar wall mount

A guitar wall mount is the best way to keep a guitar safe and show it off at the same time. Check out my best’s list.

A guitar wall mount is an accessory that every guitar player is gonna need someday. First, it’s the best way to save and maintain a guitar and keep it away from pets, children and dirt. The second use is decoration – whether we want to exhibit and show off our first guitar, our instruments collection, or even an non-functional guitar that may look good on the living room wall.

A guitar wall mount hence can be a great gift for guitar players and guitar lovers as well.

Why guitar wall mount and not a guitar stand?

Guitar stand is more suitable for stuidios and professional guitarist. In a studio it’s not likely to have children and pets that can risk the guitar, as it likely in a bedroom. Apart of that, a guitar stand doe’s not have decorative purpose.

What types of guitar wall mount exists?

Basically we’re talking about 3 main different types of guitar wall mounts:
1. Simple Guitar hook
A simple guitar hook, just as it sounds is the most basic stracture of a guitar hanger. The shape of the hook preventing the guitar from sliding down.
2. Auto Lock Guitar Hook
An auto lock guitar hanger is very similar to the simple one but with one difference. When the guitar is generating force on the hook, a smart mechanism creats an auto lock that prevent’s the guitar from falling.
3. Angled Guitar wall mount
This type of mount is a bit different, and uses 2 pieces of hooks to stabilize the guitar. The biggest advantage of this type is that you can control the adjustment when installing it on the wall.

So now when we know a thing or two about guitar wall mounts, let’s check some of the coolest options that we have:

Punk Guitar Wall Hanger - Auto Lock

This is probably one of the most common guitar hook designs that you’ll ever meet in your career. This product is safe, simple and has a sweet wooden decoration that makes it great for classic and acoustic guitars (although it’s suits also electric, bass and Ukulele).
The hooks are covered with rubber pads to ensure your instrument won’t get any scratches.

guitar wall mount

Additional options – Auto Lock guitar hooks

Tekma Guitar mount – with black smooth design, the Temka is a great option as well especially for electric guitars 

KUYOU guitar hook is sahring a very similar decoration with the Punk’s. Yet, some will prefer this one.

guitar wall hanger

Attaching a guitar mount to the wall requires installation. In general, it’s a very simple and fast task but if you think you’ll need some instructions you can check out this toturial


Angled Guitar wall hangers

Hang’em guitar wall mount for electric guitars is a very cool product and an alternative for the standart guitar’s hanging solutions. The mount is composed of two pieces and allows you to adjust the distance between them to get a precise alinment to your guitar.

angled guitar mount

The acoustic guitar hanger is sharing the same features with the electric guitar one. The only difference is that the hook is a bit wider to support a thicker guitars. You can get this hanger in 4 different colors.

guitar hook

Standart guitar wall hangers

For the one’s among us who worship simplicity and efficiently may find this product to be perfect. 
The decoration is smooth and simple, but gorgeous at the same time. The angel of the two hooks will ensure that you’re guitar is going to stay on the hanger without falling down. The hooks are covered with rubber pads to protect your intsrument, and you can get it in two different colors to your choice.

guitar wall mount

Additional options – standart wall mount

The standart KUYOU guitar hook has a clean black design. The only disadvatage I see is the lack of safty solution to ensure the instrument stays on the mount. The kit includes 2 hangers and a pick.

The top stage guitar hanger will ensure your instruments stay safe by a small anchor you can fasten easily. The kit includes 3 identical wall mounts

The K&M stand does’nt have any special feature, but it does have a very speacial wooden design, that I personally really like and this is why I finally decided to add it to the list.

guitar wall hanger

GuitarGrip Hanger

The GuitarGrip hangers has a uniqe design that starting to get more and more popular. It may not look like, but the GuitarGrip is much more functional and professional than what you think. The inner side of the “hand” is coasted with a soft material to protect the guitar’s neck. The fingers can adjust to support the dimension of the instrument and ensure it’s safty. The base of the mount is covered with a soft layer to prevent the wall from being damaged. 

And of course, the most inportant part – the design is awesome. You can choose out of few different designs but basically you’re gonna end up with an hand holding your guitar. That’s fairly cool.  
(By the way, these all guitar hangers can be the perfect gifts for metalheads)
To keep you away from getting lost, I picked my 3 favorite designs:

How to install a guitar wall mount

Installing the guitar is an easy and fast task, however, if you don’t know how to do it you you need some assistance. The next YouTube video explains how to accomplish the process and which tools to use. 

Thanks you so much for reading this article, I hope you find it helpful. Please, don’t forget to share and leave a comment in the section below!

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