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The best collection of metal distortion pedals for less than 50USD.

Whether you are a metal fan or not, as a guitar player you will meet the distortion effect soon or later. The first musicians to use the distortion effect were a bunch of blues guitar players from the 40s. Since these days, the term “distortion” almost became a synonym for heavy metal, even though it can be found all around the music spectrum.

The distortion styles are varied, and include many different effects like overdrive, crunch, fuzzy and more. However, when people nowdays use the term “distortion” they are usualy talking about the heavy metalish one. While there’s many different ways to gain a good distortion sound, in this article we will go through the most common and affordable way – a metal distortion pedal. They are small, easy to use, cheap, and sounds awesome. So let’s start.


Batteries: 1/9v included
Dimensions: 6 x 3.7 x 2.5 inches

metal distortion pedal

I know this article is claimed to review only pedals under 50$, but a list about distortion pedals can’t be complete without mentioning the most popular metal distortion pedal among guitar players.

The Boss Metal Zone is pretty much one of the most pedals likely to be found on a metal guitarist pedalboard.
The reason for that might be in two main features:
1. Solid design – The Boss pedals all are very durable. That’s an important fact since we should hit the pedal with our foot while we’re shredding. 
2. Sick sound – While this pedal for some reason, have a bad reputation, (for being too heavy or something), going through customers reviews and comments shows us a different view. Many people find this pedal as the best metal distortion pedal. 


Watch the demo – skeep the introduction to 1:15. Pay attention to the EQ control options.

Batteries: no. 
9v adapter in included

The Boss Metal Zone was a bit above our budget, which was determinded to be less than 50$, so now it’s time to review some more affordable products.
Almost as popular as Boss, Donner has manufactured many beloved and commonly used guitar pedals.

Donner’s pedals small size is one of the features which makes them to be beloved and unique among guitar pedals. This feature also makes it to be a perfect pedalboard pedal, since it comsume minimal space. 
Ease of use is another feature Donner pedals are known for. With only essential buttons, presetting the sound has been never easier.

Batteries: 1/9 volt (included)
Dimensions: 1.8 x 5.9 x 3.5 inches

guitar pedals

There’s not much to extend about the Joyo high gain metal distortion pedal. We’re talking about a true bypass pedal with smooth EQ control (al0ng with gain and volume of course).
The pedal is big and solid, perfect for gigs, and can easily fit a pedalboard.
Now, I know that the video I chose has kind of a misleading title, but just give it a listening. It sounds great. If you don’t trust your own ears check out the video comments to get some sound opinion.


Batteries: 1/9 volt
Dimensions: 5 x 3 x 4 inches 

distortion pedal

The name “Dark matter” is definitely giving an association and feeling of the heaviest sound you can imagine. Well, the truth is different as I find this pedal not heavy as others in this list. However, many good comments and good reviews lead me to add it to our list.
From the true bypass all the way to the EQ control (Bass and treble) This pedal generates a smooth and clean distortion sound that other pedals within this prices range can’t product. 

Not the heaviest, but definitely worth considering. Check out Jared Dines’s demo on YouTube:

Batteries: 1/9 volt
Dimensions: 2.8 x 2.1 x 4.8 inches

behringer ultra metal um300

Don’t let the pink color and the cheap price to mislead you. When it comes to affordable pedals with epic sound, the Ultra Metal UM300 is definitely a star.
Despite it’s price, the um300 has the most control buttons. Apart of dist and level, you can find a detailed EQ control, probably more than any other pedal in this list.
Check out Jared Dines’s demo on YouTube:

Batteries: no.
9v adapter is included.
Dimensions: 4.6 x 4.2 x 2.6 inches

Donner metal head

The Donner metal head pedal seems to be the smallest in this list, or the smallest in general. It a simple specification with only 3 basic control buttons. There’s two problems I find in this pedal:
1. Doesn’t work on batteries – that’s a common disadvantage about Donner pedals, especially for people who want to play on the street. If you are not one of these people, you may not find it as a problem.
2. Too small, too fragile. Considering that you use your foot to control the pedal, you might prefer a bigger and more durable pedal. However some people prefer small pedals to fit their pedal boards.

Apart of that, nothing bad to say. Great sound, small size, great price. Check out the demo.

In conclusion

A distortion pedal is an essential part of a proffesional guitar player pedal borad, but not only. Due to the afforable prices, the ease of use and the tiny dimensions, every guitarist from any level can find it as the best way to gain distortion. 


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